Auction Service

Apexmoto Inc offers a “Buyer Service” for customers looking to buy bikes from the dealer auctions. We currently buy from BDS Auctions and Aucnet ( Motorcycle Union Auction ). We also offer a “Buyer Service” for Yahoo Auctions and other non dealer auctions. It should be clearly understood, that we are acting as an “Agent” and we do not guarantee nor warrantee the motorcycles, unless a separate warranty is purchased.

Fees are dependent on the level of service requested. 

Auction Fees:

  1. Buyer Fee ¥39,000 – Apexmoto Inc’s auction service fee.
  2. Auction House Fee ¥15,000 – A fee paid to the auction house to purchase a motorcycle.
  3. Name Change Deposit ¥20,000 –  a deposit held until proof of Name Change is provided. This is refunded once we have proof of Name Change.      ( Bank or transfer fees at cost are the Buyers cost.) This does not apply to bikes that are unregistered at the time of purchase from an auction.
  4. BAS Fee ¥2,600 –  where bikes are moved to BAS Chiba after the auction, thsi fee is charged by BAS.
  5. Pickup Fee: ¥24,000 – where a Buyer wants Apexmoto to pick up the bike and store, or perform some service on the bike.
  6. Storage Fee’s ¥( Time Dependent ) –  where bikes are not picked up at BAS, BAS will charge a fee based on the storage term.
  7. For customers paying in foreign currencies, we do not accept claims for changes in exchange rates. Refunds will be based on the exchange rate at the time of placing the deposit and minus and  financial institution fees.
  8. Sales tax –  is payable on the total ( Fees +  Motorcycle Buy Price ).


  1. Motorcycle Inspection ¥15,000 – an employee of Apexmoto Inc will attend the auction and inspect the motorcycle. This provides a higher level of assurance as to the condition of the motorcycle. However, it does not include any guarantee or warranty. It is also on a per auction basis, so a number of bikes can be inspected on the same auction/day , but not on other auction/days ( which would require separate costs). Generally though, if bike rated 5 or higher are purchased, there is not much need for this option.
  2. Warranty ¥(10% of the Total Cost of the Motorcycle ) – we can offer a 1yr warranty on Auction Service purchased motorcycles, for non existing faults ( faults that occur at more than 1 week after the auction ) and excluding consumables such as tires, oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air cleaners etc.
  3. Delivery within Japan ¥( at cost plus a ¥3,500 organizers fee ) – BAS, Redline or other delivery service organized to your door.

Add On Services:

  1. Shaken ( registration ) ¥60,000 – where a Buyer wants the purchased bike to be registered. This fee includes the following;
    1. All costs associated wither registering an unmodified motorcycles that is in good operational condition.
    2. Oil Change ¥4,800 – oil change using Motul Synthetic motorcycle oil.
    3. Oil Filter ¥3,800 to  ¥6,500 –  cost varies depending on the work to get to the oil filter ( bikes with fairings or exhausts in the way will cost more ).
    4. Tire change ¥7,800 – cost to have a set of tires installed ( excludes the tire cost ). Includes balancing & disposal of old tires.
    5. Fork Seal Replace ¥35,000 –  includes replacement dust and oil seals for most common bikes. Import bikes or bikes with electronic suspension may cost more. Includes forks strip down, cleaning, new forks seals install, new fork oil install and re-assembly. The re-install to the motorcycle.
    6. Exhaust Change ¥6,500 – ¥16,000 – remove existing exhaust and install a Buyer provided exhaust, or spare exhaust if it came with the Auction Service bike. This does not include any replacement parts or modifications required to install systems that have parts missing or were not original to that specific mode.
    7. Other services ¥( enquire ) – for other services not listed, contact us for a quote. 


A typical buying process is as follows;

  1. A Customer contacts us after reading this page and familiarizing themselves with the above fees and requirements.
  2.  Apexmoto sends some history on bike prices for the particular mode of interest.
  3. The Customer reviews and decides if budget matches.
  4. If the Customer wants to proceed, the Customer places a deposit of ¥65,000 ( ¥100,000 for bikes over ¥1,000,000 ).
    ( The deposit is refundable only if a bike is not purchased. Refunds do not include bank fees etc. If a bike is purchased 
    and the balance not paid, the deposit is forfeit ).
  5. For non Japanese residents, the deposit is 50% of the purchase price based on the customer Budget. 
  6. Apexmoto sends information on the bike that meet the Customers requirements. We can also share a link to view all
    auction images and a video of the motorcycle running.
  7. The Customer selects bikes of interest and their nominated hammer price and informs Apexmoto.
  8. If a bike is won, the customer has 5 days to make the balance payment, including tax and above fees.
  9. Depending on the Customers preference, the bike is either picked up at BAS in Kashiwa or at Apexmoto, or delivered to the
    Customer, only after full payment has been made.