Who Needs Storage?

  • Leaving Japan for more than 3 months but returning.
  • Purchased a car or bike that cannot be imported to your home country until it is 25yrs old.
  • Going on an extended holiday and don’t want your car or bike easily accessible to thieves’.
  • Live outside Japan, but want to keep a bike or car in Japan for when you visit.
  • Deploying for 6 months or more and want your car or bike, out of the rain,

Storage Fee’s

  1. One time setup fee – ¥16,000. Applies to all vehicles ( motorcycles, cars ). Cover the transport to our storage facility from Apexmoto.
  2. Motorcycle Basic – ¥6,000/month ( minimum 4 months – roofed area  ).
  3. Motorcycle Secure – ¥7,800/month ( minimum 4 months – garage storage )
  4. Motorcycle Secure Plus – ¥9,800/month ( minimum 4 months – garage storage, monthly battery charge, monthly engine start ).
  5. Car Basic – ¥8,000/month ( minimum 3 months – outdoor storage ).
  6. Car Secure – ¥16,000/month ( minimum 6 months – locked garage storage ).
  7. Car Secure Plus – ¥18,800/month ( minimum 6 months – locked garage storage, monthly battery charge, monthly engine start )
  8. Household Belongings – ¥18,000/month ( minimum 6 months – Per 1/3rd of a 40ft container ) Containers have roof solar system and 24/7 filtered air circulation.
    ( Containers are not air conditioned, however with solar on the roof and circulating air, temp rarely get above 26 Celsius ).
  9. Dedicated IP camera – ¥1,800/month ( minimum 12 months – we will install a dedicated IP camera with IR sensor and provide online access. You can view your vehicle online at any time and receive notifications of motion events ). Can be added for any of the storage options.


Tax is payable on top of the indicated fees.


We do not currently offer insurance, on storage options. What we are offering is just storage and transport when requested. Customers can take out their own insurance, or Apexmoto can quote on insurance on a case by case basis. Apexmoto staff are licensed to sell insurance and we are agents for Mitsui Insurance.

Fee Payment

The first payment must be in advance in a block of “minimum X months” ( type of storage dependent ). After that monthly payments are acceptable. We accept credit card, PayPal, PayPay, bank transfer or cash ( fees apply to credit card and Paypal and PayPay payments ). We do not do refunds on early termination. Where storage fees are in arrears for more than 1 year, interest will be applied at 10% per annum. Where storage fees are in arrears for 2 years or more, the good will be disposed off to cover costs and the balance made available to the owner. Before any action is taken re fee recover, we will endeavor to contact you to avoid loss of goods. Where the arrears has been caused by hardship, we will do our best to work with you to achieve a solution that does not add to said hardship.


Apexmoto can transport your good to our storage facility and store and we provide a quote based on the type, size and weight of the items or volume.
We can also transport your goods back to your new address on your return. Reasonable transportation and handling fee apply.

For some SOFA personnel, this opens the door to purchasing newer model Japanese sports cars. You can purchase, use in Japan during your tour, have us pick up and store for X years, then we will drop the vehicle to an exporter ( separate cost ) when it is is 25yrs old ( exportable to the US ). You deal with the exporter to have the car shipped to a port in your country of residence or negotiate with another SOFA personnel to have the car shipped with them as household goods

Effects Of Storage

Mold, corrosion & mechanical or chemical degradation are issues that need to be considered for long term storage. For cars stored over 1yr, mold becomes an issue. Brake disks can corrode, batteries can go flat, fuel can go off & tires can crack. Mold can be mitigated to a degree though use of dehumidifiers ( chemical or electrical ). Apexmoto is not responsible for any effects of storage, nor remediation.

Storage Agreement ( Terms )


Storage: Parking for the Customer’s vehicle.
Apexmoto: The provider of parking.
Customer: The owner of the vehicle or the owner’s designated agent.
Storage Agreement: This agreement covers the storage of the Vehicle.
Vehicle: The car, bus, truck or motorcycle described by the Customer.
Storage Fee: The cost of the Storage Term.
Storage Term: The duration of this Storage Agreement.
Option: The level of storage requested.


  1. Subject to payment of the Storage Fee, Apexmoto accepts temporary custody of the Vehicle for the Storage Period, under the terms of this Storage Agreement.
    1. The Vehicle will be stored in accordance with the Option selected.
  2. The Storage Fee does not include any insurance nor cover of any type, for the Vehicle. 
    1. Apexmoto assumes no liability for loss, damages or destruction to the Vehicle or it’s contents, due to any reason whatsoever.
    2.  Optional Insurance can be purchased by the customer, privately, or by Apexmoto on request.
  3. Any items left in the Vehicle are left at the Customer’s risk.
    1. It is recommended any items left in the vehicle be itemized & photographed.
  4. By entering into this Storage Agreement, the Customer warrants that he/she has both ownership and legal title in the Vehicle.
    1. Deregistration papers or registration papers are required, except for race vehicles ( or PFD copies ).
  5. Access to the storage site is prohibited. The storage site is not published nor known to any customers. Apexmoto will on request have the Vehicle transferred to it’s office in Misaka. Advance notice at least of 1 week is required. If the vehicle is immobile, additional costs may be incurred.
  6. This Storage Agreement does not permit the changing to an alternative or replacement vehicle.
  7. There are no refunds for change of mind or early termination or any reason.
  8. In the event of the Storage Fee being overdue, Apexmoto will retain possession of the Vehicle until outstanding arrears are paid. 
    1. Where arrears are over 6 months, Apexmoto may move the Vehicle to Car Basic Storage, or Motorcycle Basic.
    2. Where arrears are 12 months or more, Apexmoto may take steps to recover the arrears, through the courts.
  9. Storage is a parking space where the Vehicle can be stored per the Option selected by the Customer.
  10. Storage does not include insurance of any form.
  11. No liability is accepted for damage due to any event or act of nature or person.
  12. In the performance of this Storage Agreement, Apexmoto will at all times act with due diligence in providing a fit and proper place for the storage of the Vehicle.
  13. In the performance of this Storage Agreement, Apexmoto will make its best efforts to ensure the Vehicle is safe, from theft or damages. However, no liability is accepted.
  14. In the event of theft or damage, Apexmoto will notify the Customer and in the event of theft, local law enforcement.
  15. Staff are not held liable for any damage to the Vehicle or its contents as a result of towing, storage or the movement of the Vehicle. 
    1. Third-Party Contractors contracted to move the vehicle may or may not have insurance.
  16. Apexmoto reserves the right to refuse any Vehicle not deemed acceptable.
  17. There can be side effects of long-term storage. Apexmoto is not liable for any deterioration, corrosion, or failure of any part or parts, during Storage.
    1. Interiors can turn moldy. To help avoid this on longer-term storage, Apexmoto will place 4 moisture-absorbing packets in the Vehicle every 3 months. These reduce, but might not eliminate, the risk of mold.
    2. Aluminum & steel can corrode from moisture in the air.
    3. Rubber can deteriorate.
    4. Batteries can lose the ability to hold a charge or be recharged.
    5. Fuel systems can become clogged & fuel can go off. 
    6. Other issues may arise out of long-term disuse.
  18. Apexmoto can arrange for repair or modifications to Vehicles, on request. Fees and charges will apply.
  19. Payment of the Storage Fee constitutes acceptance of this Storage Agreement. This Storage Agreement is available on the Apexmoto site, on a link on the “Long Term Storage” web page of www.apexmoto.com.
  20. Each party to this Storage Agreement irrevocably agrees that the courts of Tokyo shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear, settle and/or determine any dispute, controversy or claim (including any non-contractual dispute, controversy or claim) arising out of or in connection with this Storage Agreement, including any question regarding its existence, validity, formation or termination. For these purposes, each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo courts.