Bulldock 5 Speed Transmission ( Z1 )


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When tuning Z series engines, there is a tendency to feel that the top gear is too short and the engine runs out faster than expected. As an improvement measure, there is a method of processing and installing the drum and gear of the J series transmission, but reprocessing after quenching is not recommended. In addition, the gear ratio of the 1st and 2nd gears is far from the J series transmission, and we wanted to improve it to the best condition. Therefore, we have developed a unique 5-speed cross transmission based on the J series transmission. The transmission ratio of each gear has also been reviewed, eliminating the feeling of too early blow-off that is often felt in 5th gear. At the same time, we have adopted an original close ratio to make effective use of the power of the Z engine, pursuing sporty driving in the daily range. In order to prevent the gear from slipping out, we have also applied an undercut that processes the contact surface of the dog diagonally.

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