Bulldock 6 Speed Transmission ( Z1 )


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The main shaft and counter shaft of this 6-speed cross transmission use involute splines, which are also used in many racing machines such as F1 and MotoGP. Compared to the conventional angular spline, they have higher pitch accuracy and improved slideability, enabling smoother and finer shifting of the close ratio 6th gear.

In addition, each gear has a square dock, which is essential for racing machines, and has a straight reverse taper to prevent gears from jumping. The round shape of the conventional product (normal) is prone to gear slippage, and the dock and dowel shape of this time can be said to be the best in terms of durability. Nickel chrome molybdenum steel (SNCM420), which is considered to be expensive among steel materials, is used for the material. We are pursuing precision through machining using the latest machining centers. Incorporate the latest technology and experience the 6-speed Z.

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